With an earnest attempt in deploying world class machinery and upgrading it consistently, we are able to bring you quality yarn. Assisted by a pool of veterans and skilled personnel who are sculpted and motivated to stay with the tides of times and meet out the raising needs, we are capable of reaching greater heights.

The latest generation machinery employed are as below:-

Blow Room                       :  Trutzschler, LMW. Chute feed

Carding                              :  Trutzschler, DK 780. Lakshmi LC 300A V3

Comber                             :  LMW LK 64

Drawing                             :  LRSB 851

Simplex                             :  LF1400A

Spinning                            :  Lakshmi L R6/S and LR9AX

Compact                            :  Suessen Elite

Autoconer                         :  Schlofhorst 338 Gold & Savio Polar

TFO                                     :  SAVIO COSMOS

Yarn Conditioning Plant  :  Sieger

Knowing that demand grows exponentially for energy, Geetha Krishna is all out on promoting green power energy by installation of wind mills for all forms of energy requirements.