Geetha Krishna is very keen to manufacture quality products that satisfy the requirements of consumers. The yarn produced is Auto levelled, Auto coned, Siro cleared and twist setted. To achieve this quality standards we

We do a thorough surveillance and monitoring to make sure that the quality of yarns remains unparalleled. We possess a computerised lab equipped with yarn inspection equipments. Our experts keep an eye on the standards and specification before the client is delivered the finished products.

Our Main Products for export are

40's Combed Weaving
50's Combed Weaving
60's Combed Weaving
60's Combed Compact Test Report
80's Combed Compact Cone Yarn Tentative Report

For Domestic Market

2/80's K DHPR & DHCR
2/60's K DHPR & DHCR
2/40'sK DHPR & DHCR
1/40's DHPR & DHCR and in cones.